Community Infrastructure Levy

Stoke St Gregory (Unofficial Site)

These pages have been put together to help keep the village informed about how we spend the money that the parish has been given as a result of the new housing development in Willey Road. They are in no way sponsored by or connected to the Parish Council. Please get in touch with any comments:


We have £64,000 to spend over the next Five Years.

So, how and where do we want it to be used?

The Story So Far - Click HERE

Parish Council discussions & decisions

The survey of households in the village

What Is C.I.L.? - Click HERE

Why have we got the money and what can we spend it on?

Existing Applications - Click HERE

Details of applications and expressions of interest that individuals and groups have already put forward

Examples In Our Area - Click HERE

How other parishes in SW&T have been spending their CIL money

The Next Steps - Click HERE

How the Parish Council is going to proceed