Stoke Environment Group
Stoke St Gregory, Somerset, England

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Everything we do, from the mundane to the extraordinary, affects our fellow citizens and the natural world around us. This partnership is about coming together to contribute to a safer and healthier environment. This may mean we adapt the way we do things, in both the short and long term.

Next Step

The next step is to gauge the level of interest in taking forward the vision. If you are prepared to help, or if you have a particular skill or experience, that you think would help our community achieve the objective, it would be great to hear from you. There are no pre-requisite skills – just a dose of enthusiasm! If you are a member of a group which has its own ideas on environmental matters, even better. The Partnership will be even stronger.

An Introduction to the

Stoke Environment Group

Williams Hall

Thursday 24th June, 7.00

This inaugural meeting is all about finding out: What people's hopes and fears are for the future; what positive ideas people have to protect and improve our environment; how much time and effort people are willing to invest in achieving any steps forward we are aiming for.

Numbers are still limited by the COVID rules. To avoid disappointment (30 people MAX in the Williams Hall) please contact Fi McQueen and let her know you would like to come along 

Agenda available here:

COVID notes available here:

Please keep an eye on social media and flyers for more information. Alternatively, email Fi McQueen  And while you are at it, if you can't be at the first meeting, let’s hear your ideas for practical and fun ways of involving our community in improving our wellbeing and environment!

Please 'Bookmark' this page and share it with everyone you know in the village. Look out for posts on Facebook & Nextdoor and share those too. This initiative can only work if we are all involved.