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School Photos

This page starts off with two school photographs from 1962. Hopefully there will be many more to follow. So many thanks to Sue Keirle for these photos and the names . . . More photos below (18/03/22) Names Please!

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Mrs Pearce, Philip Champion, Roger Tribe, Steve Patten, John Hembrow, Steve Beck, Michael Parker, Geoffrey David
Stephen Loveridge, Peter House, Marcus Tribe, Malcolm Musgrove, Sue Pimm, Julie Salter, Gordon Chedzoy, Michael Clarke, Trevor Boon
Denise Cox, Sandra Broom, Mary Hembrow, Clare Ellett, Sue Keirle, Gene Tierney, Marie Tottle

*             *               *                  *                   *                    *                     *                 *


Back: Tony Staple, Barry Patten, Stephen Middleton, Peter Breena, David Hector, Ken Keirle
Middle: Andrew Middleton, Chris Pine, Carol Pimm, Valerie Beck, Paul Upham, Robert Dare, Scott Champion, Mrs Harper
Front: Jean Clarke, Sylvia Clarke, Diane Hill, Sheila Beck, Mary Vickery, Janet Williams

*                 *                       *                    *                      *                  *                         *


Back: Ronnie Francis, Roger Tribe, Michael Parker, Mrs Pearce, Gordon Chedzoy, Michael Clarke, Philip Champion,

Middle: Chris Pitman, Marcus Tribe, Malcolm Musgrove, Steve Loveridge, Peter House, Trevor Boon, Geoffrey David

Front: Denise Cox, Clare Ellett, Sharon Lawson, Sue Keirle, Marie Tottle, Mary Hembrow, ? Lynette Thomas, Kathleen Mead, Elizabeth Upham, Avril Vickery

*                 *                    *                   *                    *                      *                         *


Back: Mrs pearce, Steve Patten, Michael Parker, Steve Beck, Ken Keirle, Barry Patten, Tony Staple, John hembrow, Gordon Chedzoy, Roger Tribe. .?. Mrs harper

3rd Row: Trevor Boon,  Jean Clarke, Denise Cox, Julie Salter, Helen Pearce,  ? Stone, Sue Pimm,  Scott Champion, Michael Clarke, Mary Hembrow,

2nd Row: Peter house, Marcus Tribe, Geoffrey David, Malcolm Musgrove, Clare Ellett, Elizabeth Upham, Lynette Thomas, Sue Keirle, Philip Champion, Jenny Hill, Marie Tottle

Front: Sharon Lawson,  Stella Tribe, Jeff Tottle, Roger Pimm,  Chris Pitman, Avril Vickery, Stephen Clarke, Kathleen Mead,  Faye ?  Patricia Brice? 

*                        *                        *                          *                        *                            *


Cycling Proficiency Test, 1968

Back: Clare Ellett, Sue de Brett, Sharon Lawson, Avril Vickery, Marie Tottle, Malcolm Musgrove, Geoffrey David, Chris Pitman
Front: Elizabeth Upham, Deborah Legg, Stella Tribe, Jenny Hill, Sue Keirle, Philip Champion, Peter House, Stephen Loveridge

And here are some more - Names, Please



Front Row: Maurice Patten and Sid Palmer in the middle - but who else?









Please come back with some names to

And please send any other school photos you have . . .

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