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The Parish

In Saxon times the parish was part of a royal estate in the hands of Earl Harold in the Hundred of North Curry (the court of which was based at the manor of East Curry in Stoke St Gregory). Following the Conquest the estate was selected by King William to be held directly by himself. The estate remained in royal hands until 1189 when it was granted by Richard I to the Bishop of Wells, who in turn settled it on the canons of Wells Cathedral and it remained in the possession of the dean and chapter until the 19th century.

The Parish Council of Stoke St Gregory dates from the Local Government Act 0f 1894, along with all other rural parishes with a population of more than 300. The parish council then took over all the powers of Parish Vestries except those dealing with the church or ecclesiastical charities. Examples included the maintenance of closed burial grounds, ownership of village greens and recreation grounds and operation of fire engines.

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