Stoke's school was built in 1857, on land given by the Rev. R W Moor, a previous vicar of the parish. When it opened it catered for 140 children, who stayed up to the age of 14. Some children might stay on as 'pupil teachers', when they would be given some more education while looking after some of the younger ones. The average attendance in 1894 had dropped to 107, but increased again after 1900. Walter Ernest Pullen was headmaster for over 41 years (his wife Annie also taught in the school), until December 1918.

    In September 1939 children and teachers had to come to terms with the war. The headmaster recorded in the log book: "School re-opened this morning - all teachers were present. 19 new children were admitted, having been brought to Stoke privately & not under the evacuation scheme. The London children, 80 in number, together with 9 teachers, are housed in the Williams Memorial Hall. All children bring their gas masks to school and drill has been carried out. I have lent to the London teachers as many desks and as much apparatus as possible."

Stoke St Gregory Parochial School