Parish History


    The South West Heritage Trust is the best place to start for Stoke records. It is worth knowing what you're looking for before you visit and they will have material waiting for you. Their online catalogue is available HERE and some Stoke records can be found HERE, although to get the most out of the catalogue you sometimes have to be inventive in your search words.

    British History Online provides a link to some of the documents of our old landlords, the Dean and Chapter of Wells. The Liber Albus records are available HERE

    The Parish Council came in to existence as a result of the 1894 Local Government Act. The council's records are also available at the Heritage Centre.

The Poor

    Before the days of the Parish Council the parish was responsible for the needs of those residents unable to support themselves and their families. The Overseers of the Poor decided to convert the Church House, located across the road from the Village Stores, into a Workhouse. This was demolished when monetary payments came in to force.

    Actions of the national government in this field, no doubt supported by local landowners, were not always welcome in the village, as reported in the Bristol Journal, 1834:

    The New Poor Law Bill - In the parishes of North Curry and Stoke St Gregory threatening papers have been dropped about in different places. The following is a copy of one of them, from which it appears the overseer has hitherto been more indulgent to the writer than the schoolmaster:- "Jentelmen - You has taken Away All Poor mens Pay and you must take care of your Self Corn Hay and stock this Wenter you will get it ham string"