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Centenary Fair 1994    BACK to GALLERIES

The Centenary Year of the Parish Council saw the first combined village fete type event, getting together most of the village groups that had previously held their own summer fund raising events. It was the brain child of Janice Pearce, who masterminded the occasion, but it was amazing to see the effort put in by so many of the organising group, each taking responsibility for the various aspects in preparation for the big day. It ended with an evening session in a marquee on the playing field, with live music.

Below are a few snaps of the day. The first two are the enthralled audience of the Punch and Judy show put on by Stoke Players. Below are some shots of 'Guess Marigold's Weight'. Finally a collage of some of us who enjoyed ourselves on the day. There must be more photos out there (pre-digital of course). Please let Dave borrow them to scan and add them to this page.

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