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Before the Second World War, Stoke had no dedicated playing field. Any organised sports took place in the fields around the village. The posts and flags for the school sports day would be taken to a piece of ground that had recently been mowed. Similarly for the local Gymkhana. The field used for football matches would hopefully not have been recently occupied by cattle. Below is a photo of the first attempt to re-form Stoke's football team after the War.


From Left to Right: Frank Chedzoy, Maurice Patten, Eric Hembrow, Cliff Miller, Eddie Dare, Arthur Patten, Bill Brewer, Edgar Garland, Mr Burrows (Headmaster), Sid Dare, Alan Hector

In 1947 the team were still playing matches in local fields. This cup match in May 1947 took place at Slough Court


Back Row: Hugh Chedzoy (Chairman), ?? Garland, Stan Chedzoy, John Garland, Les Riley, Freddie Pearce, Edgar Garland, Tommy Patten (Manager)

Front Row: Alfie Brewer, Terry Hembrow, Eric Hembrow (Captain), Harry Hilliard, Gordon Peach

And: Pete Nicholas (Mascot) - age 5 [Thanks to Pete for the photo and the names]

And then, twenty years on, Stoke St Gregory Nomads made their name in Somerset football. In 1966, when England beat Germany in the final of the World Cup (and Glamorgan beat the West Indians in Swansea on the same day) they did the double with league and cup in the Taunton League. Thanks to John Bown for the picture and names.


Back Row: John Bown (Left Back), John Pipe (Left Wing), Mike Champion (Left Half), Mick Collier (Goal), Roy Keirle (Right Back), Tony Mills (Centre Half)

Front Row: Geoff Pipe (Inside Right), Horace (Hoss) Woodland (Right Half), Richard Harwood (Right Wing), Phil Riley (Centre Forward), Gerald Pipe (Left Wing)

Any more photos? Please send them to, or get in touch with Dave Evans.

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