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Old Paintings and Drawings

These are a few old representations of the village by unknown artists. They must be only a fraction of what is hanging on walls or put away in cupboards. Please look them out and let us copy them


Looking across to Burrow Mump from in front of the Baptist Chapel


Looking down to the Old Baptist Chapel (& Bible Christian before that). On the horizon is Dykes Farm and the water tower opposite - a valuable feature of the village before the water pressure was increased.


Looking the other way, over Sturts and West Sedgemoor to the ridge of the Burton Estate in Curry Rivel


And here is the New Manse, with the old one behind


Across the road from the chapel we have one of the old village smithies, where the house called 'Normans' is now. At the time of the drawing the post office was here


At the bottom of Griggs Hill is Crossways Farm, with April Cottage in the background

And, finally, the Old Vicarage before it burnt down. It was rebuilt almost from the ground in 1913

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