*NEW - February 2021*

Egg Shackling - click HERE

The Skimmerton Ride - click HERE


*NEW - January 2021*

Blacksmiths of Stoke St Gregory - click HERE

The Mud Huts of Athelney - click HERE

    Stoke is a Somerset village made up of several hamlets. It sits astride the sandstone ridge between North Curry and the River Parrett, and spreads down to the low lying moors to the north and south.

    We hope you enjoy browsing our history pages. There is much more information out there and any help finding it would be appreciated. You will notice some 'Read more . . .' links on some pages (at the moment just look at the 'TRANSPORT/Rivers' page to see how things are planned). The aim is to have these on each section of each page! Anyone wanting to contribute to the site, please get in touch. Words and pictures can be put in a new web page, or there can be a link to a downloadable file or pictures relating to a particular subject.

    Some photos are attributed to individuals, otherwise they all remain copyright of Stoke History Group. If you think copyright is being breached by the use of any photos, or if you have any comments about what's on the site or have any photos or information you would like to share, please get in touch: gregorystoke@aol.com




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