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Withy Stripping - Click HERE

Football, Part 1 - Click HERE

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Skittle Photos - Click HERE

Baby Scales & Norman Upham - Click HERE

Lantern Slides from the 1930s - Click HERE

1938 - Village Snapshot - Click HERE

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The Mardy, Woodhill - Click HERE

Stoke School Photographs - Click HERE

Stoke's New School - Click HERE

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1952 Stoke School - Click HERE

Crime & Punishment - Click HERE

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200, 150, & 100 Years Ago News - Click HERE

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Stoke Stampede - Click HERE

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Christmas Past - Click HERE

100 Years Ago: 1921 - Click HERE

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World War 2 Baskets - Click HERE

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Listed Buildings - Click HERE

Basketry: Covered Jars - Click HERE

Burton Pynsent Monument - Click HERE

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GALLERIES 6 - Old Stoke Photos - Click HERE

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GALLERIES 5 - Centenary Fair 1994 - Click HERE

GALLERIES 4 - Pram Race 1977 - Click HERE

Royal Oak, the Early Days - Click HERE

Stoke Club & Club Day - Click HERE

Reeves Feast, the Local Charity - Click HERE

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Rose & Crown, the Early Days - Click HERE

Old Beerhouses - Click HERE

World War 2, the Home Guard - Click HERE

GALLERIES No 3 - VE Day 1995 - Click HERE

World War 2, the Home Front - Click HERE

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Old Ordnance Survey Maps - Click HERE

Barlby Road School Evacuees - Click HERE

GALLERIES No 2 - Raft Race 1988? - Click HERE

Stoke Farms in 1952 - Click HERE

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Adverts from the Parish Magazine - Click HERE

Stoke Shop - The First 100 Years - Click HERE

Aerial Photos - Click HERE

GALLERIES No 1 - Pete & Lin's Farewell, 1988 - Click HERE

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Wicker Chair Makers - click HERE

Egg Shackling - click HERE

The Skimmerton Ride - click HERE


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Blacksmiths of Stoke St Gregory - click HERE

The Mud Huts of Athelney - click HERE



    Stoke is a Somerset village made up of several hamlets. It sits astride the sandstone ridge between North Curry and the River Parrett, and spreads down to the low lying moors to the north and south.

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